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Whenever someone explains the concept of a bridge trust, it sounds a bit complicated, and maybe a more exclusive way of doing asset protection.

The truth is, a bridge trust isn’t very complicated, and is actually a worse alternative than an offshore trust, and especially compared to the portable asset protection trust.

If we take a closer look at what a bridge trust really is, the whole problem with it is that you are keeping assets in your home country, even when you don’t have to. The reason it’s not a good idea to keep assets including savings onshore, is because if you are exposed to potential lawsuits in your home country and your assets are located in the same jurisdiction, it’s easier for a judge to seize what you own.

Why Bridge Trusts Dont Work - Infographic

The arrangement of what’s called a bridge trust essentially works like this: You form a trust, with a bank account in your home country. In the event of any legal attack, you can then move your assets including money to a bank account located offshore, owned by the trust.

But imagine this. Under the right circumstances, it is possible for your domestic bank account to be frozen, even before a trial. Even if it’s in theory possible to move your money offshore, in case of unexpected problems, if you can’t access your account in the first place it doesn’t really help.

That’s why it’s essential to have whatever assets it’s possible to move, transferred to a different country. That way they are outside of your home jurisdiction. The only reason to use a bridge trust, is because it might feel safer to have your money in a local bank. Maybe you have used that bank your whole life, nothing bad has ever happened, and you feel safe.

There are still countless examples, which time and time again proves, how easy it is for even your small local government or a company to wrongfully bill you, and then confiscate money directly from your account. I’m not talking about something that happens just in some lawless countries you hear about in the news, it happens all the time in places like the United States. But if you have your savings in a good offshore bank, it’s quite simply not possible for anyone to confiscate funds from your accounts.

In the real world however, the only thing that matters is what actually works. During a legal scenario you might be able to get your money out just in time, but why take the chance, and instead implement asset protection that is proven to work?

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