Want To Protect Your Assets
With A Rock Solid Offshore Asset Protection Trust?

According to a litigation trends survey by Fulbright & Jaworski published in Forbes, somewhere between 36%-53% of small businesses in the US are involved in at least one litigation in any given year and nearly 90% of corporations will end up in litigation at some point.

Although many individuals feel their wealth is already safe, or not enough for someone to go after via the legal system, this attitude is naive.

What Is A Trust?

The Benefits Of An Asset Protection Plan

A trust fund can secure all your property. Including but not limited to real estate, money, patents, trademarks, stocks, bonds etc. And also:

  • A trust allows you to legally not own anything, but still be in full control of all your assets. Instead of shareholders, a trust fund has beneficiaries that make this possible.
  • Shields your property from nasty lawsuits. Assets are kept out of reach of creditors and judgments.
  • Opening up investment opportunities not available in your home country.
  • Can provide for your family, and even limit if not eliminate estate taxes upon your death.

What You Will Get

The Asset Protection Starter Kit

I want to give you an unbeatable offer, which I know you won't get anywhere else:

  • First draft of a fully functioning trust document. This version can literally be handed over to a trustee, and finalized as a working trust fund. The trust agreement you will get, has been approved by a licensed trust company. - Value $5000
  • Customized strategic implementation plan. You will also get a step by step, customized plan on the best way of implementing your asset protection structure. In which country your trust should be finalized, and what entities to use for the different kinds of assets you have. - Value $1000

As you can see we have a loot of goodies here. The total value of what I've just listed is $6000, which is what you should expect to pay if you were to hire a professional to do everything for you.

But, I want to provide you with a special offer today. It won't be:



Or even $1000...

Because I want to make it easy for you to get started, become more familiar with our company, and not procrastinate on setting up a trust... you can get started today for only $100.

Once you have the trust document in your hands, I know you are going to be so thrilled with it, that you eventually want us to finalize it for you anyway.

Even if you only want the draft and the strategic implementation plan for now, and wish to wait before implementing the final plan, it's ok. It's better to begin now with at least something, instead of not doing anything at all.

If you haven't already, click the Buy Now button below, and let's get you started today.


P.S. Here is how our asset protection service works:


P.P.S. This offer won't be available forever, because this is a 'launch special'. The price will increase immediately after we reach our threshold for new signups.