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Asset Protection For Cash – How To Protect Any Currency

  The asset protection strategy that is best for you, depends on what you want to protect. There are two different types of assets: movable and immovable. Examples of immovable assets includes pretty much any kind of real estate, land, natural resources etc. The problem with assets that cannot be moved, is that they will…

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Why Domestic Asset Protection Trusts Don’t Work

I wanted to go through the difference between domestic and offshore asset protection. This is intended for Americans or people living in the US, who are thinking of protecting their assets. Using a domestic trust to protect assets is for the most part a ridiculous way to spend money, because you don’t get any real…

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What Is A Portable Offshore Asset Protection Trust?

There are many different terms used within the field of asset protection. One of these is what’s called a ‘portable offshore asset protection trust‘. The question you have most likely asked yourself, and the reason you are reading this article, is what’s the difference between a portable trust and a regular one? Normally when a…

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