How To Find The Best Trust Companies


Finding a trust company is an essential part of setting up a trust. But it’s first of all important to understand where this component fits in the whole picture. Whenever a trust is created, there are usually several different people involved. What a trust company does, is being responsible to finalize the trust.

In certain circumstances, depending on where you live, it is possible to draft a trust document yourself, and have it work as a legal instrument without any professional help. But if you want to go offshore and make sure your trust provides you with strong asset protection, it’s necessary to have a licensed trust company approve your trust, otherwise it will be invalid.

It’s not always that easy to find a good trust company. You can’t just look up reviews as if it was a restaurant, and these companies can be hard to find in the first place.

How To Find The Best Trust Companies

If you are going to find the best trust companies on your own, what you would have to do is first find a list of all these licensed trust companies. What you do is go to the website of the regulator that governs trust law in the jurisdiction where you want to set up your trust. You can find these websites by searching in Google for financial services commission or financial services authority, and the name of the jurisdiction where you want your trust to be created. As an example, you can search for ‘financial services commission gibraltar’, and you will find the Gibraltar government regulator’s website.

The next thing you would have to do, is to find the list of all licensed trust companies on the website you just found, and then research each and every trust company. That is the real difficult part, because almost none of them have any public testimonials. Instead you will have to test them all, which can include how responsive they are, how familiar are they with more advanced trust agreements, making an order, checking the quality of their work etc.

As you can imagine, this can be time consuming and also very expensive. Especially if you have to look through hundreds of trust companies, it can become a very inefficient process to actually get a trust, which can result in you giving up doing asset protection.

But what if you could hire someone to do all this for you? That is what our job is, to make everything I just mentioned easy for you. After all, you just want a trust that is going to work, preferably for many decades to come, and not become an asset protection consultant yourself.

It’s the same if you are buying a house. It’s possible to do everything yourself, spend many years researching, living and breading construction. But in the end, it can be a simpler and overall better solution to have someone else do everything for you. Resulting in you getting a result that works, for a long time to come.

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