How To Create An Offshore Trust – The Step By Step Process


I am going to show you how to create an offshore trust. What you need to do first is find a trust company, which can take care of your trust. This isn’t something you can do yourself. The only way for you to start a trust company and do everything, is to go to an offshore jurisdiction, set up an offshore company, hire a full staff, educate them and get everyone licensed.

You will have to find a trust company that can essentially take care of your trust, and making sure it’s managed right. What you can do is go to Google, search for ‘financial services authority seychelles’ or ‘fsa seychelles’, and you’ll find the financial services authority for Seychelles. On their website you’ll be able to find the companies that are appropriately licensed to carry out trust business. You can also do this for Belize, where I think it’s called Financial Services Commission, but as long as you search for ‘financial services authority’, you’ll be able to find the right place and companies that handle that part of the process, with managing the trust.

How to create an offshore trust - infographic

That isn’t the only thing you need to think about. We also have certain aspects of this, which we need make sure are properly taken care of. What you need to do then is test all trust companies in the entire country, where you are trying to find a trust company to take care of your trust. This can be a very lengthy process, you can have tens of companies, hundred- two hundred companies. We are talking about a lot due diligence, talking to all the people in these companies, finding those you can trust and deliver a good result.

Something else that’s important, is finding someone who can give you really good service. A huge problem in the offshore industry is a lot of companies deliver their services really, really slowly. You need to make sure to find the right company for you, which actually does a good job. That is a lot of work in of itself, just to find that out.

After that you have to find previous trust agreements that have been proven to work. You can find some of them online, even though that can be difficult. As well consult with certain lawyers, and essentially you’ll have to pay for these trust agreements, which means you are now paying for a lot of different trusts, so you can make one that is really good. In other words, the total cost of doing everything yourself will be much greater compared to having a professional creating one for you.

If you only get a standard trust, it won’t be as good, compared to one that is based on several of the best trusts out there. But in order for you to have access to these trusts, you need to pay for them.

With all these trusts in place, as long as you have access to them and paid a whole deal of money, then you will customize your trusts compared to all the other trust agreements, which results in you eventually having a trust. After spending months if not years on finding out how to do this, and investing a lot of money. Because if you went to a very qualified professional who knows how to do this, you would pay for one trust. But in this case if you want to do it yourself, you’ll have to pay for a lot of different trusts, from several trust companies in order to find the best ones. And you would have to spend a lot of time actually putting all of this together.

My question is then, why become a doctor when you can hire one? I mean, you can always perform surgery on yourself, but in my opinion that is a very bad idea. And I would much rather recommend that you invest money in hiring a professional who knows how to do this, complete everything relatively quickly, with really good quality. Overall if you are going to do this yourself, compared to someone else doing this for you, he or she doing it will cost you less money, and you’ll get the same quality. If you are doing this yourself, you’ll have to compare all these different trusts, to really find out what’s working and what is not working.

I would say that yes you can do this yourself, and what I have outlined for you is what you would do if you wanted to start an asset protection or trust service from the ground up. But it’s a lot of work, and takes so much time, it’s very expensive to do this yourself. I wouldn’t ever recommend doing this by yourself, but it’s still an option, even though it’s really not recommended. You would much rather benefit by going to a real professional and get it done properly.

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