Have Peace of Mind
Knowing Your Assets Are
Completely Protected

Do you want to secure your cash, real estate, cars, companies, intellectual property, stocks or precious metals from lawsuits, a divorce, unfair creditors or even a bankrupt government?

If you want to sleep at night with peace of mind, knowing everything is taken care of, you are definitely in the right place.

If You Are Making Money
It Can Happen To You

Internet marketers Ben Moskel and Dave Clabeaux lost their whole business, without doing anything wrong. It doesn’t matter if you are in the US or not, the same can happen to you, wherever you are.

Asset Protection Makes It Almost Impossible
For A Creditor To Seize Your Assets

An asset protection plan begins with a trust. A trust is essentially a document, outlining an agreement about how the assets in the trust are going to be managed, and who will benefit from those assets. A trust is created by you as the Settlor, who transfers the assets you want to protect into the trust. The assets are managed by the Trustee, who is a licensed and insured professional, from a trust company that has been in business for several decades. You then have the beneficiaries, the people who benefit from the trust. All assets are held by an LLC that is set up, and owned by the trust.

How To Be In Full Control, Separate Ownership
And Take Out Money For Yourself

Another role that is common to have, is the Protector. You can write yourself in as the protector when we formulate the trust with you. What you can include in the trust document, is that the Protector can replace the Trustee (manager of the trust) if necessary, and that you will have to approve transactions above a certain amount, for bank accounts managed by the Trustee. You will also be the manager of the LLC, owned by the trust. The Protector can also have the power to re-write the whole trust if you want. Giving you full control of the whole operation.

You are protected and in control

You are protected and in control

You can include yourself, or anyone else as a Beneficiary. In the trust document it will be outlined, what kind of distributions you can make, or you will just take out a salary from the LLC. The difference between being a Beneficiary and an owner is that you, as a Beneficiary, are only benefiting from the trust, you don’t actually own it.

By doing this, we are legally taking all your assets now owned by the trust, off your balance sheet.

“The secret to success is to own nothing, but control everything.” John D. Rockefeller

An offshore asset protection trust is considered by many experts to be the strongest asset protection vehicle on the planet when established in the proper jurisdiction.

Under that LLC you can put hundreds of other entities. Later on you can take this further, and base your tax reduction planning on this setup. The ground work has now been done, and your assets are protected.

It’s important to keep everything out of your home country, because almost no offshore jurisdiction in the world will recognize the judgement of another country. Keeping your assets offshore, also means that any potential lawsuit is unlikely to happen in the first place, because it will be extremely costly for anyone who tries to sue you, and in many cases nearly impossible for anyone suing you to win the case. This will save you a ton of money by not having to pay for legal expenses.

The Right Solution For You

There are many cheap service providers out there, that promise you to do anything for a few hundred dollars. But the most important thing is that your solution is custom fit for you, otherwise it won’t protect your assets by making sure you are in absolute control at any time.

Would you rather have a 100% chance of your money being seized by a future creditor, or have it all completely secured offshore?

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