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An asset protection plan with a trust, is one of the strongest forms of asset protection in the world. There is a significant amount of legal history, where this type of legal structure will protect your assets from lawsuits.

Doing this simply means you are taking advantage of the safest and strongest offshore jurisdictions, to protect your wealth from lawsuits and creditors.

What can you protect and buy with an offshore trust? Cash, real estate, cars, companies, intellectual property, artwork, precious metals and really any kind of asset.

Confidentiality Is Always Maintained

We are committed to 100% confidentially of any data you provide. Whenever possible, even our hosting and email server will be located in Switzerland, or another secure offshore location. Any information you provide is held in strict confidentiality, for internal use only. We understand the sensitive nature of client information, and it is our policy never to disclose client information to third parties!

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