Best Offshore Trust Jurisdictions


When it comes to finding the best offshore trust jurisdictions, and choosing one to use for your trust, it really depends on your situation. And also you need to take into consideration the strategy you are going to use.

For example if you are in a divorce, you might choose to set up your trust in a country that has tough laws when it comes to protecting your assets in a divorce.

The best way to set up a trust, is not by immediately going to a country with the absolute toughest laws. Because those countries have been taken advantage of by people with a bad intent, even though a trust isn’t really intended to be used for anything illegal. Some people have taken advantage of really, really though laws in certain places, and therefore a some places have gotten a bit of a bad reputation. So the best way to do this, is by starting in a country that has a really good reputation. And if your trust gets sued in that country, you can then move it to another jurisdiction, which has much tougher laws.

A great place to start is for example Belize. They have a reasonably good reputation, and they do actually have quite tough laws, also when it comes to divorces. I would say Belize is a very solid place to set up your trust, no matter how much value you want to protect.

If you want the absolutely best jurisdiction when it comes to the laws that are in place, which govern a trust, then Cook Islands is the greatest alternative you can choose.

The only thing about Cook Islands is that they have great laws, but their reputation isn’t the best. A better approach is to set up your trust in a country that has really good laws, like for example Belize, which has a solid reputation as well. If your trust gets sued, we can even move it to Cook Islands. This way you get the best of both worlds.

That is how you would choose trust jurisdiction. You go to a place that has a really good reputation, and in worst case you would simply move it somewhere else, to a place that has the best of the best when it comes to the laws, and will protect you almost no matter what.

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